Flour City Post

I'm a proud Rochesterian currently working as a Professional Animation Color Modelist and Clean-Up Artist on the West Coast.

As a way to stay connected to my roots, in my spare time, I collect, digitally restore,
and reprint these rare, vintage images of our great city.

With over 13 years of professional imaging experience, I've made sure to pay the proper
respect by printing these giclées on high quality, museum paper, using Epson Professional
inks, all at a fair price.

It is my sincere interest to help play a part in reviving our city's past by making my collection
available for anyone to own and display in their home, studio, classroom or office space.

I hope you find them as enjoyable, interesting and inspiring as I do.

As always, I welcome your questions, comments.

Thank you for visiting,


*I'd also like to thank the great staff in the Local History division of the Rundell Library who were so abundantly helpful and offered invaluable assistance. Be sure to visit them!